Shiny DIY Set

Shiny DIY Set Quality instant stamps that help to create your own texts whenever you need it. Available in Printers and Essential stamps for office use. and Handy Stamp type for mobility. Various Handle Sets Shiny DIY set features text-changeable platen(s) with a self-inking stamp which customers can choose from a selection of Shiny’s Printer […]

Trodat Mobility Printy

Trodat Mobility Printy The Mobile Printy is the unique pocket stamp which can be operated with just one hand. The design and innovative functions make the Mobile Printy more than a useful accessory. It is perfectly designed for all applications on the move or at home. Trodat Mobility Printy Color Casing 1. Green   2. Pink  […]

Colop Pocket Stamp Plus

Colop Pocket Stamp Plus Colop Pocket Stamp Plus Color Casing 1. Black   2. Blue  3. Ruby   4. White   5.  Yellow   6. Green   7. Pink   If you want to choose Shiny Handy Stamp color casing, please indicates at Remark for First choice and second choice, our sales department will arrange your favorite casing.    

Shiny Handy Stamp

SHINY HANDY STAMP – CASING Portable Yet Durable A patented device for mobility, unique mechanisms design for operations to be easily made by one hand. Only 1/4 size of an ordinary, perfect to carry around. Handy Stamp Color Casing 1.Black    2.Blue   3.Fuchsia   4.Pink Pion   5.Green   6.African Violet 7.Ruby  8.Amethyst   9.Aquamarine   10.Gold   11. Silver If you […]

Shiny Self Inking NTBac Line Stamp

Shiny Anti Bac

Shiny Self Inking NTBac Line Stamp In our daily life. we are surrounded by many unseen bacteria. These unseen bacteria could survive up to 3 days under ideal growth conditions. Shiny’s NTBac Line has fungistatic agent build-in during the manufacturing process. It has the ability to reduce up to 99.99% of bacteria. The SGS report […]

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